Nice & Lily

Upcoming Events

A reading of Nice & Lily will be presented at Kennedy Center’s Page-to-Stage New Play Festival on September 2, 2019 at 9:30am in the Terrace Gallery.

The reading features:

NiceTosin Olufolabi
LilyElena Anderson
Kevin, Nice’s FatherJames “J.J.” Johnson
Jessica, Lily’s MotherLorraine Ressegger-Slone


A standard afternoon playdate for school friends turns into an unexpected rule-breaking bonanza. Lines are drawn! A toy’s destroyed! Tears are shed! Yet in the end, everyone’s united. Join Kevin Black as he accompanies his daughter Nice to her friend Lily’s house, and discover how some unexpected discomfort allows Lily, her mother Jessica White, Nice, Kevin, and the rest of us to approach conversations we might have been avoiding.

Nice & Lily is a new play written by Rachel Grossman under the dramaturgical leadership and direction of Danielle A. Drakes. The play is for young children and their adult companions about diversity, identity, and talking about race.

Nice & Lily is an audience integrated, immersive show: Kevin Black and daughter Nice, along with the audience, visits Jessica White’s house for a group playdate with daughter Lily. The play is separated into sections: “The Greeting”; “Playdate” and “Coffee Talk”; “Headed Home.” Following a full-group opening scene, the children go to Lily’s bedroom with her and Nice, and parents follow Jessica and Kevin to the living room. The children deconstruct a book about diversity and remake it in their racial identities; adults begin discussing if and how they talk about race with their kids. Everyone regroups for a closing creative dialogue when the children share their newly made book.